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C.B. Contracts began back in 1984 as a small painting and decorating company which gradually moved into the vast world of commercial projects in the early 1990’s.

The company’s development from a small painting and decorating company into a super efficient painting, hygienic finishes and flooring contractor with an enviable presence in the commercial sector, is exemplary. The company’s evolution is the direct result of intelligent observation of working practices, adherence to strict quality control , and commitment to getting it ‘right first time, every time.’
A commitment to understanding customer needs is at the core of the company’s ethos. We are continually reviewing and improving out technical and management processes to guarantee that the best possible service is provided before the commencement of works, during the course of the contract and, of course, after completion.

With extensive experience on a variety of construction projects over a number of years, we observed that often the finishing trades worked against one another – particularly if tight deadlines had to be met. To ameliorate that problem we took the innovative step of combining the services of painting, hygienic finishes and flooring, with the intention that they should work together to reduce waste and unproductive overlap. This decision also gave the company an edge in efficiency and in pricing. As a painting, hygienic finishes and flooring contractor C.B. Contracts can tender for all 3 finishes separately or as a combined package.


Ellen Bunting

Managing Director

Colin Bunting

Commercial Director

Áine Doyle

Commercial Manager

Aarron Bunting

Contracts Manager

Stephen Bunting

Contracts Manager

Ian McCormick

Contracts Manager

Eddie Bolton

Contracts Manager

Richard Jack

Contracts Manager

David Casey

Quantity Surveyor

David Moorhead


Connor Maguire

Quantity Surveyor/Estimator

Murray Simpson

Contracts Manager

Lesley Shah

Office Manager

Sarah Donlin


Rachael Moore

SHEQ Administrator

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